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Free Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace

It is likely that you will come in contact with a colleague, friend, or family member who has a mental health difficulty at some point in the future due to one in four adults experiencing mental ill health.

Because of this, the concept of first aid for mental health is important. First aid for mental health is similar to physical first aid in that it refers to people in need by providing initial care and support.

Being aware of the signs a mental health problem is developing, or a mental health crisis is happening, and being able to provide appropriate support is not the same as being a mental health expert.

In this type of coaching, employees are provided with the opportunity to receive comfort and support while listening to their concerns without judging them. The training is about being able to facilitate the recovery of their mental health while making them aware of the right kind of help they can get.

This course examines these topics as well as what each of us, our managers and our organisations can do to promote mental well-being in the workplace.


Who is it for?

The qualification is ideal for anyone looking to learn more about mental illness and how to help people experiencing mental distress.

Those seeking to assess and improve mental wellbeing in the workplace or learning environment can particularly benefit from the course.


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What are the advantages of doing this course?

Upon completion, participants will receive a nationally recognised qualification and an excellent understanding of a range of common mental health problems including warning signs of mental health crises.

Within the boundaries of their own roles and expertise, candidates will learn how to support individuals at these times.

It also provides employers an opportunity to train their employees using a structured training course. Having this knowledge will ensure that staff at all levels have what they need to recognise a decline in mental well-being and contribute to the creation of a mentally healthy environment within the workplace or school.

There are three mandatory units included in the Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health First Aid & Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace.

Unit 01

Exploring mental health

Unit 02

Understand how to support individuals with mental ill health

Unit 03

Understand a mentally healthy environment

Opportunities for Progression

Getting involved in this program will allow learners to further develop their professional skills while improving their career prospects.

Mental Health Awareness - Level 2

Information for learning centres

Qualification reference number: 603/5148/2 Awarding organisation: NCFE CACHE (see

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Course materials

Materials for this course have been reviewed and officially endorsed by the awarding body, NCFE CACHE.  A rigorous assessment procedure has been applied to the learning materials. By being endorsed by AO, be rest assured that the resources provided are of good quality and can help you meet the learning objectives in this qualification. There is a comprehensive set of workbooks for learning knowledge drafted to meet the requirements of a number of delivery methods. 

The workbooks offer learners the opportunity to work through a series of reflective activities that are intended to reinforce the learning process while testing their knowledge. These materials also include assessments in which learners demonstrate that they have achieved all the learning outcomes associated with the individual units. 

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