Certificate in Understanding Behaviour that Challenges

Whether in our personal life or work life we might come across behaviour that we find hard to understand and difficult to ‘handle’. This course gives students an insight into behaviour that challenges and how to react to these scenarios in the most proper and supportive method.

Learners will examine what behaviour that challenges means, why it may take place and how to promote favorable behaviour. They will learn more about the importance of effective interaction and the vital function of reflection following episodes of behaviour that challenges.

Learners will also explore the assistance offered to keep their own wellness. Behaviour that challenges others is generally a kind of expression (a method of informing us something) and an indication of unmet needs. The ‘challenge’ is not the person. The challenge is to comprehend the triggers for and reasons behind their behaviour. This understanding will assist care and education suppliers alike to develop the proactive strategies required to reduce occurrences of behaviour that challenges in the future.

Who’s it for?

This accreditation would be especially beneficial to those who work in an educational setting or within health and social care. More usually, it is likewise appropriate for individuals who want to
discover more about how to react to occurrences of behaviour that they might find tough.

What are the advantages of doing this course?

In addition to obtaining a nationally identified certification upon conclusion, candidates will gain a thorough understanding of the common causes and triggers of behaviour that challenges.

Delegates will also discover efficient communication skills and de-escalation strategies. Understanding how to expect behaviour that others might discover difficult and how to react to these circumstances properly can help to develop a more unified living or working environment.

The course likewise supplies employers with a structured training program that will satisfy the training requirements of their employees, providing comfort that staff are equipped with the understanding they need to successfully handle behaviour that challenges.

The Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Behaviour that Challenges comprises four mandatory units that are presented in two concise module workbooks:


Module A

Unit 01: Understand behaviour that challenges

Unit 02: Understand how to support positive behaviour

Module B

Unit 03: Understand the importance of effective communication and the management of behaviour that challenges

Unit 04: Understand the role of reflection and support for those involved in incidents of behaviour that challenges

Module C

Unit 05: Supporting positive behaviour in individuals with autism

Unit 06: Supporting individuals with autism to live healthy and fulfilled lives

Challenging Behaviour

Information for learning centres

Qualification reference number: 603/1062/5

Awarding organisation: NCFE CACHE 

Entry Requirements

Learners should be aged 16 and over, but otherwise there are no specific entry requirements for this programme.

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