Certificate in the Principles of Dementia Care

Currently, there are around 800,000 individuals in the UK who have dementia and the number is expected to rise to one million by 2021.

This program is created to help students establish their understanding of dementia and the concepts of looking after individuals with the condition. It covers areas such as person-centered care, the influence of positive interaction techniques, problems connecting to using medication in dementia care and the significance of offering suitable and significant activities for individuals with dementia.

Who is it for?

This course is created for anyone who wants to know more about dementia and will be highly valuable to people who support those with the condition, in a personal or expert capacity.

What are the benefits of doing this course?

By following this program, learners will have the ability to develop their understanding of the various kinds of dementia and acquire an appreciation of taking a person-centred method to dementia care and support. By presenting issues surrounding equality, diversity and inclusion that are basic to person-centred care.

The qualification will make it possible for students to recognise the individual needs and preferences of individuals in their care. The program will raise awareness of the varying interaction needs and capabilities of people with dementia and the ways in which care companies can improve wellness through favourable interactions.

It will likewise provide an insight into the administration of medication to those who may have specific needs because of their dementia.

It will also provide learners with a chance to check out the various types of behaviour frequently seen in dementia and how to respond to behaviour that they might discover ‘challenging’ in the most proper and encouraging manner.

Learners will likewise establish a greater understanding of the benefits of assisting in or providing activities to people with dementia.

Employers, particularly in the care sector, will also benefit if their staff complete the program as they will have a higher understanding of the condition, increasing their expert confidence and allowing them to be proficient when supporting individuals with dementia.

The Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Dementia Care comprises three concise module workbooks which combine the following units:



Unit 1

Dementia awareness (Credit value: 2) (J/601/2874)

Unit 2

The person-centred approach to the care and support of individuals with dementia (Credit value: 2) (H/601/2879)

Unit 3

Understand the factors that can influence communication and interaction with individuals who have dementia (Credit value: 2) (T/601/9416)

Unit 4

Understand equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care (Credit value: 2) (A/601/2886)

Unit 5

Understand the administration of medication to individuals with dementia using a person-centred approach (Credit value: 2) (K/601/9199)

Unit 6

Understand behaviour in the context of dementia (Credit value: 3) (J/504/2396)

Unit 7

Understand the benefits of engaging in activities in social care (Credit value: 2) (K/602/4645)

Awareness of dementia

Information for learning centres

The qualification is available through various awarding organisations. Consequently, the guided learning hours may vary. For more details, please see the website of the relevant awarding organisation.

Entry Requirements

Learners must be aged 16 or over in order to enrol on the course.There are no other specific entry requirements for this qualification.

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