Certificate in Principles of End of Life Care

Everybody dealing with life-limiting health problems will require some degree of supportive care, in addition to reliable treatment for their condition.

The Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of End of Life Care is designed to offer learners a broad understanding of end of life and palliative care, allowing them to provide sensitive and appropriate support to people nearing the end of life and their families.

Who is it for?

The course will be ideal for health and social care workers who want to improve their knowledge and understanding of end of life care and palliative care. It likewise has importance to all
kinds of care settings, including hospices, care houses, care in the neighbourhood, and primary care.

What are the advantages of doing this course?

The course intends to establish the learner’s understanding of the various point of views on death and dying; the objectives of end of life care; the concepts of person-centered care planning; the support needed to manage pain and discomfort; how dementia effect on a person’s end of life care; the role of the health and social care employee at the time of death; and how to appropriately support the bereaved.

In addition to allowing students to accomplish a nationally acknowledged qualification, this course will help to encourage good practice. The course also provides companies with a structured training program, mapped to the National Occupational requirements in Health and Social Care, which will assist to satisfy the training requirements of their employees, offering the comfort that personnel is equipped with the knowledge they require to support people at the end of life.

The Level 2 Certificate in Principles of End of Life Care comprises three concise module workbooks which combine the following units:


Module A

Unit 01: Understand how to work in end of life care (Credit value: 3) (H/506/5507)

Unit 02: Care planning in end of life care (Credit value: 2) (L/506/5503)

Module B

Unit 03: Understand how to provide support to manage pain and discomfort (Credit value: 3) (A/506/5495)

Unit 04: End of life care and dementia (Credit value: 2) (K/505/1981)

Module C

Unit 05: Understand the role of the care worker in time of death (Credit value: 3) (H/505/1980)

Unit 06: Understand loss and grief in end of life care (Credit value: 3) (M/505/1982)

Certificate in Principles of End of Life Care

Information for learning centres

Qualification reference number: 601/3818/X

Awarding organisation: NCFE 

Entry Requirements

Learners should be aged 16 and over, but otherwise there are no specific entry requirements for this programme.

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