Award and Certificate in Equality and Diversity

The altering and varied nature of our communities poses many obstacles for people, groups and employers throughout the UK. In order to permit the social addition of all individuals in society, there is a need to bring equality, diversity and rights issues into the mainstream so that they are no longer considered as something only affecting ‘minority’ groups.

The goal of the NCFE Level 2 Award and Certificate in Equality and Variety is to offer learners an introduction to the problems around stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. It will also help them to determine the basic rights that all people should enjoy and the shared values people have, whilst examining the duty everyone and organisation has in guaranteeing that barriers to involvement in society are gotten rid of.

The course is right for a vast array of learners, including those who are already in work to support their constant development, or those looking for work. It’s likewise ideal for those who are looking to develop an awareness of problems surrounding equality and variety, for their own personal advancement.

Both the Award and Certificate in Equality and Diversity will help to raise awareness of discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping, and specific flexibilities and rights. In doing so, it will promote learners’ understanding of what it suggests to reside in a diverse society and the laws that are in location to prevent unfair behaviour. This will be useful not just to the students themselves but likewise to their employers and the wider society.

The Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity comprises three units, presented in two module workbooks:


Module A

Equality and diversity in society (Credit value: 6) (D/506/2234)

Module B

Equality and diversity in the community (Credit value: 6) (H/506/2235) Equality and diversity in the workplace (Credit value: 6) (K/506/2236)

To be awarded the Level 2 Award, learners are required to complete Module A only (Equality and diversity in society). To be awarded the Level 2 Certificate, learners are required to complete both Modules A and B.

Equality and Diversity

Information for learning centres

Qualification reference number: 603/1062/5

Awarding organisation: NCFE CACHE 

Entry Requirements

Learners should be aged 16 and over, but otherwise there are no specific entry requirements for this programme.

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