All Courses – Greater Manchester

Great news! We can now offer Greater Manchester fully funded courses.

If you are looking for a place to start your journey or are simply curious about what you can do for free with the government’s help, Learnerfind is for you.

If you are eligible, these courses are all free.

Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care is around the corner and more courses will be available in August – in the meantime though, have a look at what we have now below.

Eligibility for funding

  • Learner aged 19+
  • Learners home postcode within Greater Manchester area
  • Employed learners – must earn under £17,550 per year, we will need to see evidence of this at enrolment. Unemployed learners must be benefit claimants, Job seekers, Universal credit etc (will need to see evidence at enrolment)
  • Learners must book 2 of the courses below
  • Learners must have been living in the European Union for the last 3 years
  • Learners must not previously completed the course.